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Certificate Course Description

Courses for Law Enforcement Officers

Law Enforcement Officers— Defensive Tactics I

This intensive training course is an introduction to Taiho Jutsu and focuses on simplicity and the enhancement of police academy training. These techniques are effective in controlling passive resistors and combative aggressors. They allow the officer to transition into a variety of techniques to stop any unacceptable behavior. It develops the students’ confidence in the use of these techniques. Proper grips, escort controls, outside takedowns, pain compliance and other essentials are learned.

Law Enforcement Officers—
Advanced Defensive Tactics II

This course is a realistic continuation of D T 1, . It further develops the students ability to defuse and / or control aggressive situations. Escapes, weapon retention, ground mobility and impact weapons are among the subjects of instruction.

Prerequisite: Course LEO 1

Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor

The Student will get an overview of Taiho Jutsu concepts. Practical defensive tactics exercises are the continued training priority. This course also includes the role of the instructor, teaching methods and procedures, polices, lesson plans, safety and more.

Prerequisite: Course LEO 2

Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor/Trainer

In addition to four days of intensive training and role playing, this course covers administration, course preparation, effective assessment and evaluation, elements of organization and certification. Given in two parts each day, the mornings will be physical and the afternoons classroom instruction.

Prerequisite: Course CDTI

Courses for Military and Special Operations Personnel

Combative Measures I — Survival Tactics

This effective high energy course on combatives prepares the student for clear and present danger, where aggression and hostility are eminent and the potential for great bodily harm or the loss of life exist. Students will learn life saving techniques and how to properly respond to spontaneous attacks by violent persons, as well as methods of taking the adversary into custody.

Combative Measures II—Advanced Survival Tactics

A continuation of CM 1., This course further develops the students life saving skills. Alternative weapons, escapes, takedowns, offensive and defensive exercises to vital areas are practiced as well as disarming and surviving edged weapons. Focus is placed on the reality of both standing and ground fighting tactics.

Prerequisite: CM 1

Certified Instructor Combative Measures

The concepts of true combative measures are covered and techniques enhanced as repetition and excellence are a must. The instructors role, teaching methods, lesson plans, training safety, and more are covered in this result oriented course.

Prerequisite: CM 2

Certified Combative Measures Instructor/Trainer

Only a select few will make it this far, as only a select few will complete this intense, high caliber instructor/ trainer course. During this four day program the mornings are hands on and filled with survival tactic enhancements and the afternoons in a classroom . Physical and mental exercises are practiced throughout this course. Course preparation, elements of organization, evaluation, administration, treating injury and more make up this quality program. Prerequisite: CCM I

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