3rd Kyu Requirements

At least 6 months as 4th kyu

Be prepared to perform and explain any and all previous levels of instruction plus the following:

Falling Ways 12 & 13  
Punches Rising Age zuki
Roundhouse Mawashi zuki
U-punch Yama zuki
Blocks Grasping Tsukami uke
Chicken-head Keito uke
Bent wrist Kakuto uke
Strikes Fore-knuckle Hiraken uchi
Ridge hand Haito uchi
Kicks Crescent Mikazuki geri
Knee Hiza geri
Vital Points Above Elbow  
Below Triceps Back Deltoid  
Front Deltoid  
Side Ribs  
Eye Ball  
High Jaw Area - Back Of Jaw Hinge  
Front Bear Hug Defense Arms over & under two variations
Rear Bear Hug Defense Arms over & under two variations
One Point Sparring Techniques Three sets with takedowns or throws at each level
Choke Defense Side attack, Four variations
Chokes Four variations of previous techniques
Kata Taiho no Kata Yondan
Ankle Locks Two variations Ashi hishigi
Foot Throws Advance foot sweep Deashi harai
Lifting pulling ankle Tsurikomi ashi
Side sweeping double foot Okuri ashi harai
Midway Takedowns Four variations
Six O’Clock Positions Three throw variations
Throws Stomach Tomoe nage
Knee wheel Hiza guruma
Hand wheel Te guruma
Sweeping loin Hane goshi
Corner twist Sumi gaeshi
Escape Techniques Five escapes from basic ground techniques
Semi Free Spar 1 & 2 persons
Free Spar 1 & 2 persons
Free Standing Randori
Free Ground Randori
Free Randori Up & Down
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