2nd Kyu Requirements

At least 6 months as 3rd kyu

Be prepared to perform and explain any and all previous levels of instruction plus the following:

Falling Ways
Kata Taiho no Kata, Nidan
Kicks Three sets in combination
Throws One arm shoulder drop Seoi otoshi
One & Two leg shoulder throw Seoi nage
Big wheel throw O guruma
Sweeping loin throw Harai goshi
Vital Points Back/Inner Shoulder Blade  
Lower Mid Section Back  
Quadriceps Thighs/Front  
Side Thighs  
Side Knees  
Mid-Neck Level Back - Area 15 - Base Cerebrum Suture  
Under Nose Between Upper Lip
Escape Techniques Seven ground escape variations
Garrote Front and rear applications / Front and rear throws
Counterthrows Four sets
Midway Throws Four each
Combination Throws Four sets
One Point Spar Double attacks
Semi Spar Double attacks
Free Spar 4 different persons, one on one
Free Randori up and down, 4 different persons, one on one
Open Spar/Randori All available techniques “Safety First”
Free Ground Randori
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