1st Kyu Requirements

At least 9 months as 2nd kyu

Be prepared to perform and explain any and all previous levels of instruction plus the following:

Falling Ways
Kata Taiho no Kata, Shodan
Taiho no Kata, Godan
Taiho no Kata, Sandan
Kicks Roundhouse kick Mawashi geri
Baton Fundamentals of stick fighting
(Right and Left Hand)
Throws Outer winding throw Soto makikomi
Inner winding throw Uchi makikomi
Shoulder wheel Kata guruma
Vital Points Back of Knee  
Midsection Calf  
Ankles Tendon  
Side Shin  
Inner Knee  
Front Bear Hug Defense Four variations
Rear Bear Hug Defense Four variations
Counterthrows Seven sets
Combination Throws Seven sets
Semi Spar One on two
Free Spar Points optional
Free Randori Points optional
Open Spar / Randori Points optional
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