1st Dan Requirements

At least 9 months as 1st kyu

Be prepared to perform and explain any and all previous levels of instruction plus the following:

Methods and Directions of Off-balancing
Falling Ways Including rollouts with and without hands
Arrest Sets 1, 2 and 3 (slow & fast)
Chokes Ten choke variations
Throws Outer winding throw Soto makikomi
Inner winding throw Uchi makikomi
Shoulder wheel Kata guruma
Throwing Combinations Seven sets
Kata Taiho No Kata Rokudan
Counterthrows Seven sets
Ground Techniques Seven escape techniques from hold-downs
Baton 5 separate training exercises & 3 controls
Demonstrate the proper use of an edged weapon
Defense against an edged weapon
Defense against an armed person (Front & Rear)
Free Spar Six O’Clock positions
Free Spar One on two persons, up & down
Free Spar 7 different persons, one on one
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