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Second Taiho Jutsu Seminar
in Cali, Colombia

The Second Taiho Jutsu Seminar was held in Cali, Colombia, from August 12 - 15, 2004.

Two groups participated: one group of police cadets from the National Police Force whose battalion is located in Cali, and another group of persons from diverse backgrounds in law enforcement, private security, etc.

The cadet group held its training session on Sunday, August 8, in a soccer field behind their battalion headquarters. There were two groups of 170 cadets each. I introduced two basic Taiho techniques which we worked on during two, two-hour sessions.

Eduardo Caicedo Sensei will finish training the other elements of our first kata over the next four Sundays. The students were responsive and enjoyed themselves immensely.

The second group trained between August 12 -15 at Caicedo Sensei’s dojo. There were three groups training during different time schedules. The final session on Sunday, August 15, was attended by all the participants together, which numbered around 40 in all.

We went over the first Taiho kata with some variations; due to the hot climate our No. 5 was not possible. I also substituted our No. 6 (choke) as I felt it would be better to introduce a less dangerous technique. After learning the first kata, the students were taught combinations of the different techniques.

Take-downs, escorting and other elements were stressed and repeated to gain greater understanding. In addition, some basic pressure point and joint lock movements were introduced.

The seminar was well-received and we hope to plan other visits in the not too distant future. Much will depend on the final results of the training of the police cadets, as this could mark Taiho’s first major inroad in Latin America with the Colombian National Police.

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