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Book Review:
Complete Book of Jujitsu

Complete Book of Jujitsu, by Bruce Tegner (Thor Publishing Company 1978; Bantam Books 1979).

Nine years before the publication of this book, the same author published the work on Jukado, a system of jujutsu based on the classical jujutsu styles. In that work, the subtitle read: “Jiujitsu Modernized”. Tegner Sensei based his new system on the traditional styles, but gave the techniques and the teaching approach a new twist. In this book, as may be deduced by the impressive Bibliography citing classical texts, the classic/traditional schools were used to formulate the techniques presented.

As in his first text, this work too introduces the reader to the history of jujutsu in a very clear manner. This clarity carries over to the instructions which accompany the 483 photos which are easy to follow. Unlike the earlier work which had the techniques grouped according to rank, the techniques here are grouped according to Holds and Locks, Hand and Foot Blows, Trips and Throws, Katas, and Kneeling and Sword Katas.


The katas take the techniques previously taught and apply them in formal fashion. The kneeling and sword katas are here taught to simply give the student a small sample of what was and is still taught in the classical ryu, with an explanation as to why they were/are taught. As opposed to the Jukado text where practical self-defense was the goal, this work speaks of the book as “...a source of excellent instruction, leading to improved body awareness and superior body movement...”, “...which are most appropriate for developing physical fitness, strength, and agility...”.

Either alone, or as a companion volume to his earlier work, Tegner’s Complete Book of Jujitsu is recommended reading for both historical and practical/instructional reasons.

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